Are They Playing Games with You?

We all feel compelled to maintain a slim figure – not only is it a healthy choice but also it gives a sense of self esteem. A healthy, sensible diet and a good exercise program are all many of us need to keep our weight under control. But for some,weight maintenance can be more of a struggle.

While there are numerous reasons that can make losing weight difficult, having irregular periods in association with stubborn weight gain should raise a “red” flag. A common reason for the link between being overweight and having irregular periods is found in a condition known as Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). In the past, this condition was considered a pure “ovarian disorder,” characterized by obesity, hirsutism (facial and body hair) and irregular menses. It is only recently that we have come to understand that PCOS affects more than just the ovaries. Some women suffering from PCOS are also affected by “insulin resistance”. In other words, they need to produce more insulin in order to maintain a normal glucose level. Insulin is a very “fattening” hormone, and therefore these women tend to also be overweight and are sometimes obese.

It is very important to recognize this condition: It can be the first step towards developing diabetes. The treatment can also help in losing weight, maintain regular monthly menses and assist in achieving pregnancy, when the time is right.

Testing is easy – a simple blood test assists in making the diagnosis.Treatment is also easy and very well tolerated.

So if you feel that the above description fits you, you might want to talk to your doctor who will examine you thoroughly and may order these specific tests.You might be surprised.


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