Common Pregnancy Questions


When it comes to pregnancy, there are some common questions that many women want answered. This post addresses some of the most common questions heard from expecting mothers in our office.

If you have any further questions contact the office at (502) 895-6559 or email our OB nurse.

When will I feel my baby move?

Sometime between 16-25 weeks of pregnancy, mothers will begin to feel movement. Initially, movements will be infrequent and may feel like butterfly flutters. As your baby grows, you will feel movement more often. It is recommended to start counting fetal movements beginning at 28 weeks once daily until you get 10 movements within 2 hours. A good time to do this is 20-30 minutes after breakfast and dinner. If you are concerned about movement, eat or drink something with sugar or caffeine, lie on your left side and press your hands on your belly. If you have concerns about feeling baby movements or notice a decrease in movements, contact the office.

Why am I so tired? What’s the best sleep position?

It’s normal to feel more tired. You may also notice you need more sleep than usual. Try to get at least 8-10 hours per night. Listen to your body.

Try to sleep on your left side to allow for maximum blood flow to baby. Lying on your back can cause your blood pressure to drop. You may also find it helpful to put a pillow behind your back and between your knees to improve comfort. As your pregnancy progresses, use more pillows and frequent position changes to stay comfortable.

Can I use a Jacuzzi?

Using a Jacuzzi or whirlpool bath is not recommended during the first trimester and should be limited to 15 minutes or less in the second and third trimester with the water temperature not exceeding 100 degrees.

Can I travel?

Traveling is safe during pregnancy for uncomplicated pregnancies. After 36 weeks, we recommend staying close to home. When you do travel, be sure to take breaks to stand up/walk around at least every two hours. If traveling by vehicle, wear a seat belt, positioning it under your abdomen as your baby grows. If you are involved in a car accident, please call the office immediately. You may need to be monitored. When flying, walk every hour on the plane – compression hose are also recommended.

Can I care for my pets?

If you have cats, please let us know. Avoid changing the litter box or use gloves to change it. Toxoplasmosis is a rare infection that you can get from cat feces.

What do I need to know about dental care?

Your teeth and gums may experience sensitivity throughout the pregnancy. Inform the dentist of your pregnancy and shield your abdomen if x-rays are necessary. Filling cavities or taking antibiotics is safe and desirable, if prescribed by your dentist. Amoxicillin is the most common antibiotic and is safe during pregnancy. Contact your Dentist with any questions about dental care.

Can I go to the salon for treatments?

Hair coloring and nail care should always be done in large, well-ventilated areas. If possible avoid treatments in the first trimester.

Can I exercise?

30 minutes of exercise is recommended daily in uncomplicated pregnancies. This could include walking, jogging, biking, aerobic class, yoga, swimming, etc. Weight training is acceptable. Gardening is also appropriate, but you must wear gloves. Listen to your body during exercise and drink plenty of fluids. After 20 weeks, avoid lying flat on your back. Avoid activities with a high risk of falling or trauma to your belly (i.e. snow skiing, kickboxing, horseback riding).

Can I have sex?

You can have sex unless you are having complications or sex becomes too uncomfortable. There are times when exercise and sex should be avoided. This includes vaginal bleeding placenta previa, leaking amniotic fluid, preterm labor, chest pain, regular uterine contractions, decreased fetal movement, growth restricted baby, headache, dizziness or general weakness.