Is it normal to have aches and pains in the pelvis?

Early in pregnancy, it is normal to feel cramping as the uterus grows and discomfort as the ligaments stretch.  During the second trimester, it is normal to feel pains in the pelvis as the uterus grows, your skin stretches, and the baby moves around.  During the third trimester, it is common to have a backache and sciatica.  Sciatica causes shooting pains down the back of the leg and buttocks.  Towards the end of the third trimester, ligaments in the hip and pelvis loosen, causing discomfort.  The baby may kick nerves on the inside of the uterus causing shooting pains towards your upper abdomen or vagina.  Areas of numbness may also occur on your abdomen.  If you are concerned about preterm labor, please call your physician.

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