Digital Mammography In-House

All Women OBGYN is proud to offer the latest in digital mammography. Digital mammography has improved the early detection of breast cancer especially when there is dense breast tissue. The radiologic results are available much more quickly and are much more accurate than the older film screening.

This is an enhanced image of your breast that helps the radiologist detect cancer earlier and more effectively than a traditional 2-D mammogram. The 3-D image is especially more effective if you have dense breasts. A 3-D mammogram is performed at the same time of the standard mammogram and the radiation dose is only slightly higher.

Benefits of 3-D mammography

  • More successful detection of breast cancer at its earliest stages
  • Potentially fewer return trips for additional images or spot compressions, which can lower your out of pocket costs, additional radiation exposure and fewer biopsies.

Our patients are informed of their results usually in 2-3 days. Any concerning results are personally communicated to our patients by our staff.

We recommend that our patients receive an annual mammogram beginning at age 40. Of course, there are women in high risk categories that should begin their mammograms much earlier in their life.