The baby’s heart rate is fast – does this mean that the baby is a girl or a boy?

Heart rate does not determine whether the baby is a girl or boy.

When do I find out the sex of my baby?

Usually around 18-20 weeks during your anatomical ultrasound.

I just had a second trimester ultrasound and the size of the baby does not correspond with the gestational age. Does this mean that my due date is different?

If the dates are off by greater than 2 weeks, then the due date may be changed.  If an ultrasound was performed earlier, your dates will not change.

How is the cord blood collected?

After deciding to proceed with cord blood collection, the parents need to contact a collection company to obtain a collection kit.  The kit is brought to the hospital by the patient and given to the labor nurse or obstetric tech for the delivery table.  If a cesarean section is necessary, the kit must be placed on the sterile table.

Does my insurance cover the cost of collection and storage?

You should check with your carrier.  Usually collection and storage are not a covered benefit.  Your insurance may reimburse your physician for the professional charges encountered with the collection.

How do I find a cord blood collection company?

Many companies are now providing this service.  A list can be obtained at  More information can be found at or  When choosing,  look for a firm that has a good transplant history and that freezes the sample in their own facilities.