What do I do if I have been exposed to Chicken Pox?

On your first blood draw for lab testing, you are checked for your immunity.  Please call the office if you have been exposed.

What do I do if I have been exposed to Fifth’s disease?

Please call your physician if you have been exposed.  It is likely that you have had the disease as a child and are, therefor, immune.  If you are not sure, a blood test can be done to determine if you are immune.

May I fly in an airplane?

Please discuss with your doctor if you plan to travel during the third trimester.  You should never fly in an airplane after your 35th week of pregnancy.  When traveling, it is important to drink plenty of water and to get up and walk about the cabin of the plane every hour. 

Can I sleep on my back?

You may sleep on your back until the third trimester as long as you are comfortable.  At that time, if your uterus compresses your major blood vessels, you may become nauseated or dizzy.  Placing a pillow under one hip should prevent these symptoms.

What can I do if I am constipated?

Increase oral fluids, dietary fiber (fresh fruits and vegetables), and exercise (walking).  You may try Citrucel, Metamucil, Colace or Fibercon.  Coffee can also have a laxative effect and alleviate constipation.  In an emergency, Dulcolax suppositories or Fleet’s enema may be used.

Is it normal to have aches and pains in the pelvis?

Early in pregnancy, it is normal to feel cramping as the uterus grows and discomfort as the ligaments stretch.  During the second trimester, it is normal to feel pains in the pelvis as the uterus grows, your skin stretches, and the baby moves around.  During the third trimester, it is common to have a backache and sciatica.  Sciatica causes shooting pains down the back of the leg and buttocks. 

Is it okay to have my hair colored, highlighted, or permed? What about artificial nails?

There is no information that any of these procedures will hurt your baby.  Please weigh any benefits against any unknown potential risks.

Will it hurt the baby if I don’t take my prenatal vitamins?

Taking prenatal vitamins with folk acid or folic acid alone during the first trimester may decrease the incidence of neural tube defects like spina bifida.  There is no data that states that after the first trimester prenatal vitamins are essential. 

I would like to take a hot bath. Is this okay?

A warm bath is safe, but the water temperature should not exceed 100 degrees.

I have a sinus infection. Can I take antibiotics?

Yes.  There are several antibiotics that are safe in pregnancy.  Consult your OB provider if you are concerned about a medicine you have been prescribed by another physician.  The only antibiotic that you should absolutely not take in pregnancy is tetracycline.